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Building Natural Capital

Wheatbelt NRM is excited to be hosting the Talkin’ Soil Conference in York on 11 - 13 March 2020


With the aim of providing WA farmers with opportunities to hear from other farmers and industry professionals about how they are tackling the vital issue of soil health.

ABC Country Hour presenter, Belinda Varischetti, will be our host and will be joined by keynote speaker - Joel Williams of Integrated Soils in Canada.

Hear from local farmers including Rob Grylls, Brad Jones, Stuart McAlpine and Nick Kelly as they all share their stories on soil health.

Well known industry professionals including Phil Barrett Lennard form AgVivo Farm consultants, Emeritus Professor Lyn Abbott and Associate Professor Fran Hoyle from UWA will talk about the latest research and practices that will lead us on the next wave of agricultural innovation.

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