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Talkin’ Soil Health brings international expert to the Wheatbelt​

16 January 2020

Wheatbelt NRM is excited to bring international keynote speaker, Joel Williams from Integrated Soils to Talkin’ Soil Health 2020: Building Natural Capital.


Joel will be addressing the topic “Building natural capital in agricultural soils, what is it?  How do you build it and why would you bother?”

Joel is initially from Australia and is now residing in Canada, where he travels internationally advising on soil chemistry and microbial ecology and their connection to crop health and immunity.

Currently, Joel is also completing a Master of Science in Food Policy, and writing a book on the links between soil and plant nutrition, microbiomes and plant immunity.

Joel will be joining us for all events at the conference, so there will be plenty of opportunities to make use of his skills and knowledge to get practical ideas for your own farms.