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Talkin’ Soil Health Field Trips – Book your seat

27 February 2020

Talkin’ Soil Health is coming to York from March 11-13 and Day 3 gets you out in the paddock to see farmer success stories in action.

Jump on the bus and join us as we travel to Brookton to meet some innovative Wheatbelt farmers.

NutraRich is a composting facility that uses agricultural waste as an input. Jason Chittleborough will host a tour of the facility showing the steps in the production of quality compost. 

Not only does using compost provide an opportunity to reduce chemical use it supports the recycling of agricultural waste. Find out how it could work for you.

Following that Andrew Pike will show us how he is using Lucerne to reduce erosion and provide autumn feed. Andrew starting using Lucerne following his involvement in a Wheatbelt NRM trial in 2011. Let’s see what is happening 8 years later.

Andrew has also used liming and claying to improve his sandy soils. What does he think has been successful for him?
After that return to York for lunch and the conference close.

Summer Pastures on show for Talkin’ Soil Health

13 February 2020

As the summer of 2020 continues to deliver hot dry conditions with no meaningful rain some farms in the Wheatbelt are achieving paddocks of green. What are they doing to achieve this surprising result?

As part of the upcoming Talkin’ Soil Health Conference in March you are invited to join us on a day tour of several summer ground cover success stories.

At Nick Kelly’s farm near Newdegate, Nick and pasture expert Phil Barrett Lennard from AgVivo will host a paddock walk to see Lucerne, Chicory and Sub-tropical perennial pastures.

At the Facey Group trials in Wickepin drought-tolerant cultivars are being tested to the limit this summer. See how the tedera and lebeckia are holding up.

Summer ground cover can contribute to good soil health through moisture retention and increasing soil biology and carbon as well as providing options to fill the summer feed gap.

Tickets are $30.17 and include lunch and refreshments. This is a self-drive tour so organise your carload.

Talkin’ Soil Health – sharing stories of farming success

31 January 2020

Talkin’ Soil Health Conference 2020 promises to host a range of innovative WA farmers who are sharing their stories of success in how they manage their soil health.

Well known locals including Stuart McAlpine (Buntine), Rob Grylls (Gabbin), Wendy Bradshaw (Tambellup) Nick Kelly (Newdegate) and Brad Jones (Tammin) will showcase practices they are using including disc seeders and stripper headers, composting, using digital technology, summer cropping and the interaction between soil microbiology with chemical and physical soil properties.

Also joining us will be industry figures and researchers who will talk about the practices that they believe will be at the forefront of the next wave of agricultural innovation.

The regional Soil Health Champions will be announced at the conference and we will be able to drill into their stories through short films.

Talkin’ Soil Health is all about farmers talking to farmers and is not to be missed. Get your tickets now.

Talkin’ Soil Health brings international expert to the Wheatbelt​

16 January 2020

Wheatbelt NRM is excited to bring international keynote speaker, Joel Williams from Integrated Soils to Talkin’ Soil Health 2020: Building Natural Capital.


Joel will be addressing the topic “Building natural capital in agricultural soils, what is it?  How do you build it and why would you bother?”

Joel is initially from Australia and is now residing in Canada, where he travels internationally advising on soil chemistry and microbial ecology and their connection to crop health and immunity.

Currently, Joel is also completing a Master of Science in Food Policy, and writing a book on the links between soil and plant nutrition, microbiomes and plant immunity.

Joel will be joining us for all events at the conference, so there will be plenty of opportunities to make use of his skills and knowledge to get practical ideas for your own farms.

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