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Talkin’ Soil Health 2020 is proudly supported by:

The Bendigo Community Bank model is a 'profit-with-purpose' philosophy, where profits are returned directly to the local community that has generated them. Importantly, the community decides where those profits are invested. Branches are locally owned and operated which is a distinct point of difference to other banking institutions. More than $220 million has been returned to Australian communities and initiatives over the past 21 years just from people choosing to do their everyday banking with their local Community Bank. By banking with Toodyay & Districts Community Bank & Northam Customer Service Centre you are helping us generate the income we can put back into our local communities.

MLA’s purpose is to foster the long-term prosperity of the Australian red meat industry by investing in research and marketing activities that contribute to producer profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness. Through our subsidiary companies, MLA Donor Company and Integrity Systems Company, we also accelerate innovation across the value chain and deliver the industry’s integrity and on-farm quality assurance programs.

"It All Starts in the Soil” Our goal is to help producers reduce inputs, reduce risk both health and financial, improve soil health and produce nutrient-dense food. TM Agricultural is a Biostimulant that activates native biology in all soil types and is designed specifically for broadacre cropping and pastures. TM is a liquid product, tank mixable with most chemicals and is easy to apply. TM promotes loose aerated soil with increased water holding capacity in turn producing nutrient-dense plants with deeper roots giving them a natural resilience to disease and pest attack.

The CRC for High-Performance Soils (Soil CRC) brings together scientists, industry and farmers to find practical solutions for Australia’s underperforming soils. The Soil CRC aims to enable farmers to increase their productivity and profitability by providing them with knowledge and tools to improve the performance of their soils. It is the largest collaborative soil research effort in Australia’s history, with 40 Participants contributing to the Soil CRC through both cash and in-kind contributions. The Soil CRC coordinates research across a range of disciplines including social science, economics, biology, chemistry, agronomy and soil science. It has funding until 2027

Soils for Life is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the widest possible adoption of regenerative landscape management practices across rural, remote and urban environments. Soils for Life supports the growing number of innovative farmers and land managers who are successfully regenerating their landscapes and maintaining or increasing their production. Soils for Life aims to extend the body of knowledge and experience about successful ways to improve landscapes and share it with the wider community. Soils for Life supports the development of scientific and clearly documented evidence showing the economic, environmental and social benefits of applying regenerative landscape management.

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Converte helps farmers feed the planet naturally, sustainably and profitably with balanced biological solutions that support seed, soil, plant and animal health. Our regenerative agriculture solutions have been used across broadacre, pasture, vegetable crops, vineyards and orchards for the past 13 years with incredible results.  

For over 20 years, Eco Growth has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of rock mineral-based biological fertilisers, bio-stimulants and soil conditioners. Their approach to crop nutrition is founded on enhancing soil health and fertility. Products naturally restore soil biological functions, increase nutrient availability, improve soil structure, and stimulate soil/plant interactions.

The Clean Energy Regulator is the Australian Government body responsible for administering legislation to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of clean energy. This includes the Climate Solutions Fund, which provides a range of activities to deliver carbon abatement, including activities that store carbon in vegetation or soil.

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