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2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champions

2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champions: Mario and Lucia Varone


The Varone family are involved in a diverse range of farming and self sufficiency practices. They produce all their own food from an orchard and vegie garden and also run guinea fowl and chickens for pest control and eggs. The Varone family are successful primary producers of wheat and sheep in a challenging region of Western Australia.

2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champions: Maitland and Margaret Davey


Maitland manages one of the oldest farms in the Wheatbelt district of Konnongorring, West Australia and he is a forerunner in the practice of growing and propagating saltbush. Since undertaking agro forestry Maitland has made a decision to move away from growing trees to perennial pastures which address emerging salinity issues and provide fodder for stock.His foresight to managing soil health issues on his property over the last 24 years has seen Maitland become a mentor to many farmers in the Wheatbelt addressing similar issues.

2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champions: Nick and Lucy Kelly


Nick Kelly from Newdegate Western Australia successfully grows millet as a summer crop which has improved soil quality and water retention.

2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champions: Trevor and Renae Syme


Wheatbelt farmer Trevor Syme was told he would go broke trying to farm his new property but with good soil management Trevor has recently harvested his 19th crop.

2013 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champion: Gavin and Amanda Hagboom


Farmer, Gavin Hagboom uses the Albrecht System to improve soil health in sandy, low rainfall country in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

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