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2015 Wheatbelt and NACC Soil Health Champion

2015 Wheatbelt Soil Health Champion: Rob Grylls


WNRM Soil Champion 2015, Rob is among a growing number of wheatbelt farmers who believe increasing soil biology levels holds the key to solving a lot of problems on the farm. He has been steadily improving the soils on his family farm over many years, using compost, nitrogen fixing crops and pastures as well as perennial grasses and shrubs. Rob has been making his own vermicast and microbial inoculum and using various forms of compost made from domestic and animal waste. He has offset the cost of this by reducing fertiliser inputs without reducing overall yield.

2015 NACC Soil Health Champion: Stuart McAlpine


We have a chat to Soil Health Champion Stuart McAlpine about his sustainable farming practices.

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