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“Building Natural Capital in Agricultural Soils. What, how, why?”

Joel Williams, Integrated Soils. Joel defines natural capital and then goes on to explain how it can be used in soils and agricultural systems.

“Climate Change and DPIRD’s Priorities.”

Dr Rob Sudmeyer, DPIRD. Rob discusses the potential impact of climate change on Western Australian agriculture and how DPIRD is going to tackle these issues.

“Finding the Sweet Spot. Why you can’t look at soil only in terms of chemical and physical properties.”

Stuart McAlpine, Farmer, Buntine. Stuart describes the importance of considering the biological properties of soil in farming.

“Soil biological fertility and climate resistance.”

Emeritus Professor Lyn Abbott, University of Western Australia. Lyn discusses how soil biology can improve the soil’s ability to cope with climate change.

“Adding Compost to Sandy Soils.”

Rob Grylls, Farmer, Bencubbin. Rob describes the reasons and processes behind using compost on sandy soils in Western Australia.

“Soil Organic Carbon: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Associate Professor Frances Hoyle, University of Western Australia. Fran discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in maintaining soil organic carbon levels in Western Australian soils.

“The Soil CRC: What’s on the Horizon?”

Dr Michael Crawford, CEO, Soil CRC. Michael explains the purpose of the Soil CRC and some of the projects it is working on.

“Building soil health using discs and stripper front: year one trial results.”

Wendy Bradshaw, the Gillami Centre. Wendy shows the effects of working with discs and stripper fronts on soil health.

“Improved management of herbicide residues in soils.”

Dr Richard Bell. Murdoch University, Soil CRC. Richard looks at the effects of herbicide residues in soils and more effective ways to manage them.

“Hollands Track Farm.”

Nick Kelly, Farmer, Newdegate. Nick shows how he has gone about eliminating synthetic chemicals on his farm and describes his farming system.

“Office of the National Soils Advocate Priorities.”

Sue Bestow. Office of National Soils Advocate. Sue describes the role of the National Soils Advocate and the future directions being undertaken within this role.

“Bungulla Farming.”

Brad Jones, Farmer, Tammin.  Brad discusses the integration of technology into his farming system and how he uses technology to improve soil health, and ultimately on farm yields.

“Current opportunities with the MLA.”

Joe Gebbels, Meat and Livestock Australia. Joe briefly outlines the structure of the MLA and then describes some MLA projects in Western Australia.

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